Clean Program

I started the Clean Program today. I bought the audio book after telling my soon to be MIL about how great I feel after the 3 Day Refresh. I lose about 5-7 pounds in THREE DAYS! I feel great and it makes me think that with that kind of constant bloat I have some food allergies lurking in my daily eats. Typical results for my customers are 3-5 pounds. Some lose more like me. The difference is I eat really clean so I should not lose that much when I am on point in the kitchen. Also, my seasonal allergies are OUT OF CONTROL. Methinks its something to do with the food I eat.

So. I wanted to do an elimination diet and find out. I suspect its grains, dairy or both. After this 3 week cleanse Ima do here, you have the opportunity to slowly reintroduce nightshades, eggs, dairy and gluten. This is JUST what I need. And I can DIY this sucker without paying a fancy doctor to give me terrible-gross meal plans to suffer for weeks to months.

I have also been really busy (planning a wedding in 6 months, working full time, etc etc etc) and have had a lot of trouble getting my workouts in. So I thought how about now for this cleanse since it would require a drastic if not total reduction in exercise as to what I am used to doing.

Clean is a program designed to help your body cleanse itself of toxins and restore balance and allow your body to repair itself. To begin, you eat off the approved food list for 1-2 weeks. I skipped this part as the description for this suggested that it was more for those who never eat clean. I make all my food and had just recently hit a patch of super busy-ness that had me eating out more than I like. So I jumped right in.

Ground rules are for 21 days (or as long as you can keep it up) for the first go-round:

Breakfast: liquid (smoothie, soup, or juice)
Lunch: Make a meal out of foods on the approved foods list.
Dinner: liquid (smoothie, soup, or juice)
Snacks: Foods off the approved list if needed.
Fast: Fast for (at least) 12 hours after dinner.
Supplements: You can also choose take antimicrobials (like garlic or oil of oregano); probiotics, liver support and a few more as needed if you so choose.

They offer a pack you can buy with 2 shakes a day and the supplements. Its expensive. So I chose to make my own food and smoothies with my Shakeology and I picked up a garlic, probiotic and liver supplement to take with each meal.

Wish me luck!