OPP: Raised Garden Bed

Hi guys! I am planning to make a raised bed garden! I initially asked the Gods of Google to show me an economical kit do buy and build myself, but they do not answer my prayers with anything quality. So then I asked them about how to go about making it oneself. For today’s OPP post, I thought I would share only the very best of the DIY raised bed action they showed me:

I plan to make one like the first listed on this tutorial at Sunset’s website.
Here is one awesome execution of that bed style from fellow WordPress Blogger, Erin. Erin adds some nice detail to hers using lag screws – I would like to use those in mine!

I plan to plant it in a square foot gardening kind of fashion. You can look for posts related to my progress in Spring. Do you have a raised bed garden or use square foot gardening? Did you wing it or did you have to ask the Gods of Google for guidance like I did?  Please tell us all about it in the comments.

Happy Winter,
❤ Roni

23 thoughts on “OPP: Raised Garden Bed

  1. We do lots of raised beds using 9″ pressure treated organically accepted wood. They are 16 feet x something divisible into 16 (usually 4 ft.). Here are some pics, hope you don’t mind the link.
    In the lower right corner of the first pic notice the black hoops. We can net over for carrot fly, etc and have poly to make mini greenhouses as well. We have completely wung-it and there’s probably a better/easier way but it’s working so we’ll stick with it. There sure are many ways tho to accomplish the same goal. Best of luck and most of all, enjoy!!

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      • Thank you. That’s my husband Johnny’s doing. His pet name for me is ‘Love’. You can imagine how much they mean to me. We had veg in them last year (the first year with them) and only a few flowers. I would love to have all flowers, how indulgent would that be?! Some would be edible, of course–I’d be a wee bit practical about it 🙂 .

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  2. We do indeed have a couple – though my level of expertise both in DIY and in gardening meant my contribution was limited to saying ‘That’s looks nice! When will the tomatoes be ready?’ I look forward to seeing your progress.

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  3. My husband and father-in-law built a great one for my ‘hobby’ two years ago and then last year, Hub’s enlarged and moved it to a better location in our small garden. Unfortunately, we were all so busy, I failed to document the process.
    It’s been a trial-and-error process in the past two years with surprising successes. I recently learned about SFG and asked for a grid to be made for the bed as my biggest problems seem to be spacing (and of course, placement). I’m hoping this year to outdo myself!
    Good luck with yours!

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  4. Hi Roni, I’ve built a number of raised beds over the years and the design you’ve chosen is a good one. It should last quite a while.

    One thing I’ve been wanting to try with one of my beds is the use of clay pot (olla) irrigation which are much easier to install when you’re just starting out. Here’s a link, though I totally realize this is just “one more thing” to think about, so my intent is not to send too much information your way, but this is a favorite subject of mine.

    Good luck! I look forward to updates and I’ll be posting photos of mine as well once it’s in.

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    • That sounds so neat! I think I will read up on that more. I would have no clue how to tell the root size and what has woody roots and all that just yet. I will be investigating now though!


  5. I’m gonna make one for my wife using stones – I guess they called brownstone. And another one using an old wooden crate. Hope I can start soon. 🙂
    Good luck

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  6. Anytime I hear someone asking for help in gardening, I’m in! Please stop on over to my blog and look up my gardening posts for inspiration! We have two raised garden beds that we built and it was really easy! Our one raised bed is 6′ x 16′ and we can fit a lot in this raised bed. Our other one is 6′ x 5′. Let me know if you need help, because I am here for you!

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      • Hi Roni! Welcome to the wonderful world of gardening! We started gardening a few years ago, and I have done many posts about our successes and failures too, so read on to find out what might work for you too! The raised beds that we made have really worked out for us! If you are planning on growing any zucchini, we put tomato cages around our zucchini plants last year to keep them from spreading out and it worked like a charm! Hugs, Val!

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  7. I love gardening, but we’ve had to cut back in the past couple of years due to our budget. Good luck with your raised bed!! P.S. We’d also have to put in some type of fence – the deer are relentless!


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