Clean Program

I started the Clean Program today. I bought the audio book after telling my soon to be MIL about how great I feel after the 3 Day Refresh. I lose about 5-7 pounds in THREE DAYS! I feel great and it makes me think that with that kind of constant bloat I have some food allergies lurking in my daily eats. Typical results for my customers are 3-5 pounds. Some lose more like me. The difference is I eat really clean so I should not lose that much when I am on point in the kitchen. Also, my seasonal allergies are OUT OF CONTROL. Methinks its something to do with the food I eat.

So. I wanted to do an elimination diet and find out. I suspect its grains, dairy or both. After this 3 week cleanse Ima do here, you have the opportunity to slowly reintroduce nightshades, eggs, dairy and gluten. This is JUST what I need. And I can DIY this sucker without paying a fancy doctor to give me terrible-gross meal plans to suffer for weeks to months.

I have also been really busy (planning a wedding in 6 months, working full time, etc etc etc) and have had a lot of trouble getting my workouts in. So I thought how about now for this cleanse since it would require a drastic if not total reduction in exercise as to what I am used to doing.

Clean is a program designed to help your body cleanse itself of toxins and restore balance and allow your body to repair itself. To begin, you eat off the approved food list for 1-2 weeks. I skipped this part as the description for this suggested that it was more for those who never eat clean. I make all my food and had just recently hit a patch of super busy-ness that had me eating out more than I like. So I jumped right in.

Ground rules are for 21 days (or as long as you can keep it up) for the first go-round:

Breakfast: liquid (smoothie, soup, or juice)
Lunch: Make a meal out of foods on the approved foods list.
Dinner: liquid (smoothie, soup, or juice)
Snacks: Foods off the approved list if needed.
Fast: Fast for (at least) 12 hours after dinner.
Supplements: You can also choose take antimicrobials (like garlic or oil of oregano); probiotics, liver support and a few more as needed if you so choose.

They offer a pack you can buy with 2 shakes a day and the supplements. Its expensive. So I chose to make my own food and smoothies with my Shakeology and I picked up a garlic, probiotic and liver supplement to take with each meal.

Wish me luck!






Coaching Opportunity Explained

Hi All!

I get many questions each week about what I do and so I thought it would be nice to have a quick reference for folks to refer to. There are 3 types of coaches: Discount, Hobby and Business Building. Many people come on board as a Discount Coach to reduce the price of their own Shakeology – they don’t sell products. That’s totally okay if that’s what you are interested in! That’s how I started. Take a look:

3 types of Coaches

Let me know with and email or a comment if you would like me to provide you with more information. I would love to talk with you.


Earth-Down Challenge Day 13

Hi Guys! Here is Day 13 of the Push-Up Challenge!

Day 13 Push-Up Challenge

(This video from Scott demonstrates how to complete a diamond push-ups.)

Click the image or this link to join our facebook group and get in on the action! Next challenge will be announced in the group tomorrow. Don’t worry, it’s free!

❤ Roni

Fitness Challenge Group: January 4th, 2016

For more information

Ever wanted to try the 21 Day Fix? Join my next Challenge Group to get some help achieving the best results possible. The next group starts Monday, Januaty 4th.
Note: Groups are limited to new customers who are not already working with a coach. Groups are also open to existing customers.

What Your Challenge Pack Comes with:
• Meal Planning Ideas, Recipes & Tips
• Exclusive Facebook Accountability Group
• Portion Control Containers
• 1 Month of Shakeology (24 – 30 days per your choice)
• 30 min Workout DVDs (with modifications for all fitness levels)
• 30 Days Club VIP Membership (Streaming of FULL programs like P90C, Insanity, 10 Minute Trainer and hundreds more!)
• My Free Coaching & Support
• Daily Motivation from myself and the other group participants.

What is a Facebook Accountability Group?
• Participate in the group as much or as little as you’d like during the week.
• The group is private, only members can see who is a participant.
• The group is also secret, only members can see your posts.
• Here you’ll find files, meal planning resources, tips, shopping lists, recipes and more!

What you need to do to get the best results:
Purchase your Challenge Pack.
• Commit to doing one 30 minute workout per day for 21 days.
• Commit to following the clean eating meal plan for 21 days.
• Participate in the group daily.
• Tell everyone what you are doing so that they support you.

To reserve a space in the next group, please fill out this form & I will respond with the full sign up details via e-mail.